Demonstration for the Release of Hada

Jan 8, 2011 12:00PM local time
December 10, 2010 marked the release date of Hada, founder of the Southern Mongolian Democratic Alliance, following a 15 year jail term served in Chifeng prison. In most countries of the world, someone who has served their sentence and paid their debt to society is released and allowed to join their family to rebuild their life. But in the case of Hada, his release date has passed and no official
announcement has been made concerning his whereabouts. Equally troubling, the tragedy of Hada’s life worsened as his wife Xinna and son Uiles were detained by state police the week prior to his release date on charges that can only be described as trumped up. The entire family remains under custody for nearly a month now revealing the extent to which the rule of law in China is lacking.

.As part of China's intensifying crackdown on Southern Mongolian activists and dissidents, two other individuals in particular, Ms. Huuchinhuu and Mr. Arslan, members of the Southern Mongolian Democratic Alliance, had also been placed under house arrest for nearly two months without any legal proceedings. Many others have been silenced and kept incommunicado.

We urge all of our Mongolian brothers and sisters, from both the country of Mongolia and Southern Mongolia as well as freedom loving people around the world to join with us in condemning the government of China for this egregious violation of human rights and abuse of power to torture its own citizens.

Join with us on Saturday January 8, 2011 at 12PM in front of the Chinese Embassyin the country where you reside to demand the government of China release Hada and his family immediately. We also urge you to contact your district representatives in congress to request the government of China to release Hada and his family unconditionally.

Demonstration Info:

Where: In front of the Chinese Embassy or Counsulate in the country where you


When: Jan 8, 2011, 12:00PM local time

Slogans: “Free Hada Now”, “Free Hada’s Family Members”, “Free Huuchinhuu, Free

Arslan”, ,“Free Southern Mongolia”, “Defend Human Rights in Southern

Mongolia” .

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